where do we want to go?

In no particular order and not screened for practicalities at this stage – brainstorming with Anja:

  • Canada – Vancouver / Vancouver Island / Whale Watching / Rockies to Calgary /
  • USA – Seattle / San Diego / Yosemite / Grand Canyon / Yellowstone / Boston / New York / Hawaii
  • Carribean – Cuba / Antigua / St Lucia
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Chile
  • New Zealand
  • Australia – Perth / Tasmania
  • India – Kerala / Goa / Tea Plantations / Taj Mahal
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Dubai / Oman
  • Europe – Greek Islands / Croatia / Italy / Scanadavia


potential challenges

Ok, so of course it sounds amazing to give up work for a year and go travelling with my family, but is that at all realistic:

    • How will we fund this trip and how much will it actually cost?
    • What will be the reaction of our family and friends?
    • What will we do with our dog – can we find somebody to look after him for a year?
    • Will we be able to give our kids a proper eductation while on the road?
    • What will be the impact on the rest of our lives – this is the exciting bit for me, but will we want to return to normality after a year of travelling?

We have only just started to think about these questions, but at the moment I am just too excited about the prospect to think that we can’t overcome any challenges.

The kids are growing up fast (7 and 4 already), and I think we need to do this trip soon before it becomes even harder to leave.

But can we really do it?

the idea

Mon 6th July 2015

Sitting at my desk having lunch on a rainy Monday in the UK, when I got a renewed impetus to go travelling with my family.

I am 36 and live with my wife and two young daughters in Bristol, UK.

We are planning a year away from our normal life to take an amazing round the world trip and you can follow the many inevitable ups and downs here – http://www.roundtheworldwithmyfamily.com